As seen on Shark Tank, we are bringing muscle scraping to the masses in the shower and everywhere else.

  • Step 1

    Open and hang SORSOAP massage bar on supplied suction cup holder.

  • Step 2

    Wet body, wet SORSOAP slightly. Stand in back of shower away from spray.

  • Step 3

    Hold SORSOAP on an angle, you can put your fingers through the opening or wrap them around the bar. There is no wrong way to hold it.

  • Step 4

    Gently scrape your sore spots, your muscles, tendons and fascia. The lather will build up while you do.

  • Step 5

    Let lather sit on skin for 30-40 seconds then rinse your body. Lastly rinse SORSOAP and hang up to dry.

Peer Reviewed, hold the onions?

Our co-founder Dr. Dan Staats authored a clinical trial with 30 Jersey Mike's employees regarding the positive effects that our product, SORSOAP, had on their ability to perform tasks at work with more range of motion and less pain.

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Muscle scraping as a daily routine.

This simple approach has shown physical benefits for many centuries. SORx creates innovative products to maximize your time, performance and recovery from the minute you wake up, to when your head hits the pillow at night.

Massage your muscles in the shower with our two amazing formulations of SORSOAP or anywhere else with SORTOOL Pro. It's your year to feel good.


Full body routine. Rotate phone & watch.


This lightweight ultra portable on-the-go muscle scraping tool makes DIY recovery easier than ever. Can be used with your favorite CBD cream, body butter, muscle lotion or just sweat, before, after and even during the game.

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  • The testing team loved SORSOAP.

    The product testing team from the 'bible' of the sport reviewed SORSOAP in the MAY/JUNE 2022 issue. This is what they had to say... "After a hard workout, it's easy to convince yourself that you're too busy (or too tired) to foam-roll. It's not as easy to rationalize skipping a shower. SORSOAP helps sneak in the recovery work you might have otherwise bypassed."

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  • They also reviewed the SORTOOL...

    I’ve been using this muscle scraper on my calves, before and after my workouts. I rub a little lotion on my legs first so the tool slides smoothly, although postrun sweat does the trick. My favorite thing about the Sortool is that the handle gives me a solid grip so I can apply pressure right where I need it. It’s also lightweight and much easier to use and carry with me than a foam roller. For me, that convenience means I’m a lot more likely to actually do my prehab and recovery work.

    Morgan Petruny, Test Editor

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    We Care About You.

    Your happiness is very important to us. We stand behind our products. You will see, that if you need anything, we will do what we can to help. Just ask any of our 1000's of customers.