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SORSOAP 6 pack

SORSOAP 6 pack

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Three months of purple shower power. Comes with a free holder and soap saver bag. This is the easiest way to get a six-pack guaranteed.

Did you wake up sore today? Did you shower? What if you could turn all your showers into recovery sessions. Now you can. SORSOAP is the world's first physical recovery device that also cleans. Our all-natural Graston-type soap tool is made from triple milled, ultra-hard, analgesic, essential oil (Lavender, Menthol and Chamomile) powered soap. Don't be sore anymore, Treat Yourself. 

*Each bar/tool lasts about 15 days when used according to our directions


The bag is made of all natural sisal which is derived from plant fibers. It has a nice texture that you can exfoliate the skin with.

The SORTOOL is hand molded acrylic resin, hand sanded to a perfectly smooth finish.

SORSOAP is 100% natural. Menthol, lavender and chamomile essential oils come together to create a wonderful lather and aroma. Clean and treat your tired body.

Usage Instructions

SORSOAP: Use the holder, it is the key to product longevity. No need to push too hard, scrape the sore areas. Flip the bar often and use all sides for an even wear pattern. Enjoy the cooling menthol lather for 30-40 secs. prior to rinsing.

SORTOOL: Scrape as hard as you'd like. Use with CBD balm or your favorite lotion (or without)... The tool rinses clean with just water.

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Life is all about balance

Adding self care to your daily routine can restore a sense of well-being when you need it most. Menthol, chamomile and lavender are anti-inflammatory and also have an aromatherapeutic calming effect on the body.

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